How It All Got Started:


     In 1977, Sandra Sweat transformed an inspiring dream into her reality.  That reality is known today as your "Traders Helper". It has come a long way since then. She and her husband, Ronny Sweat, owned and operated it until she passed away in 1991.  It was then owned by Ronny and operated by he and his daughter, Tina Sweat.  In 2007 Ronny retired and handed down the family business to Tina.  Presently, Tina owns the Traders Helper and operates it along with her daughter, Meagan Blackmon, and their dedicated crew.
     For 37 years now, Traders Helper has offered individuals a free way to sell, buy and trade tools to poodles to tractors to furniture, and everything in between.  The Traders Helper also offers business advertising at very affordable rates.
     It has gone from being distributed just in Childersburg and Sylacauga, to being distributed in seven counties and counting. Traders Helper owes its continued success to it's loyal readers, because without them, it would not be able to continue being "The Biggest Little Paper Around."